I have been neglecting the blog-a-loo here. I have started a new weight-loss blog at so you can go and check it out. It is just my journey through losing weight and getting healthy again. By the way, that journey has just recently begun so there isn’t as much there.

-As for an update, the beard growing is going well. As of today, I am on Day 96 and am looking QUITE bushy.

-Lovely and I are approaching week 28 of our pregnancy with our fourth little’en and yes, we are excited about it.

-The Village is still rocking and rolling (not crack rocking and weed rolling) along. We opened up the Downtown Church as a facility to house more guys. We now float between 45 – 50 guys. All the guys need help with getting their life back on track. While some are further along in the process, they all…strike that, WE all need help and a whole ton of Jesus.

Between a new life coming and getting healthy so I can hopefully see more days…life is grand. Not without drama, but it is grand. Besides, God is still God whether I am 800 lbs without kids too. Without God, I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for your love and sacrifice of sending Your Son to us.

no time nor a brain to post

The new job is great. Already in a short amount of time we have seen so many changes. I have been on the job as of Saturday March 29th. I have rarely had a break. (the only true minus to working a salary job) But here is the deal…Sunday morning at church, there were 3 first time commitments to following Christ from our guys. God is truly preparing the hearts of the men to stand with Christ.

While I am weary, I am still energized. I counted up a little while ago that of the last 40 hours, I’ve been awake for 38 of them. So what am I running on? Change. (that and a lot of Mt Dew and coffee) God is changing these hardened mens’ hearts. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

I’ll write more later. must take a 3 hour nap to make it through the next 24-30 hours.

A little change will do you good…

I was talking with one of the Villagers last night. He is an older man…not old, just older than me. He has had a painful life. He came to us from the streets. He has an interesting story.

The other night, we were filming a few of the guys as the gave a brief description about where they were before they came to The Village and how they got there. This one guy (we’ll call him CD) was asked about talking on the video. He hung his head and said, “I can’t.” We didn’t pressure him. We just wanted a few guys to tell there stories. Come to find out he had some shame issues with his appearance. One of the leadership guys asked him about it. Then CD said something so innocent. “I can’t do it. I don’t have many teeth. (teary-eyed) I’m so ashamed.” The leader (Sean) talked to him briefly about it and encouraged him.

A few days pass and CD gets a call from Sean. It seems that Sean called some of his dentist friends and clients of his business. Sean told CD, “I set you up an appointment on Friday.”

CD was telling me this and he was weeping last night. I won’t lie. My heartstrings were not getting pulled…they were getting YANKED!!! He said, “I don’t deserve this treatment. A place to live, food to eat, and a chance to get a job. And now teeth…that are being given out of the kindness of the dentist’s heart.” He puts his wrinkled and worn face in his tired and over-worked hands…he breathes deep…he weeps heavily. He feels like he should tell me that he’s is just overwhelmed and happy. I can already see it.

This man’s life has been changed. How? By our being willing to be the hands and feet of God.

Sometimes the most meaningless thing to you is the most wonderful and gracious thing to another man.

May God bless you all.

A new day is dawning…

I am drawing my employment with SU to a close. As of Friday, March 28, 2008, I will no longer be an employee of the great and studious SU. I will start my new position with the Village on Monday, March 31. It is bittersweet leaving a great place even when you are going to a great place. I will miss the friendships that have developed over the nearly 2 years. We have all shared in heartache and loss. We have rejoiced as new life has come about in our families. I will miss my desk fan. I will miss the time clock that I have so slightly loathed over the months. It’s printing sound will not follow me. I will be going from an hourly position where I punch a clock to a salary position that requires a good bit of my time. I am grateful. I know that there will be a learning process to the next few weeks…time management and all. I embrace the change.

yup, I know…I embrace the change…

The Village…A City within the City

That’s right…the program has started. Man, I’m so excited. Some of the guys have already moved in and are get aquainted with the program’s day-to-day.

I won’t divulge TOO much info, but I will say that I can truly see the opportunity for God to be glorified SO MUCH by this ministry/program.

The website is still being set-up, but you can click on this link to keep checking the status. It is supposed to be up and running by February 1.

Just stay tuned for some pics and some more Village info.

Here is the Turtle Video again just in case you missed the first part of the fun!!!!