2 months 11 days

So what is it like eating next to nothing unhealthy? Pretty honkin’ cool.

So what has changed? A good bit.

First off, I can see my feet whereas before (at 265 lbs) I had to bend over…I mean bend over to see them. I have gone down one half a neck size in the dress shirts from 18″ to 17 1/2″. I have gone from a 43″ waist to nearly 38″. I have gone down from a snug size 42 pant size to a loosening 38″ pants. I only have one more notch on my belts before I have to buy another black and brown belt. My extra large undershirts that used to be tight are hanging off of me. I have now started to see definition in my arms, gut, and chest again. I am beginning to see my lats and I can see my clavicals again. Why? Well, as of June 20th, I’m down 31+ pounds.

Needless to say I am feeling much better. I don’t think I would make great time on a mile, but I could run a solid lap without passing out.

Becoming a fairly strict vegetarian has been an awesome thing.

So the burning question: Have I messed up?
Sure…especially at the beginning. I would grab something that had a little cheese on it or I would snag a snack that had refined sugar. Oops.

These days it is a lot easier. I’ll still treat myself to the massively occasional fry or tater tot, but nothing that is blatantly anti-veggie.

I like the transforming me. I still have a double chin, but it doesn’t look like anything like it did. I guess I have more of a chin and a half.

Well until the next weigh in…

Back at it again…

I am back to looking for a new job. I just passed off a resume yesterday with a local organization. Hopefully it will go well. It sure would trump working all these hours. Maybe then Shady and I could slow down and work on a home-based venture to bring in a little supplemental. Nothing with crazy hours. Just work when we felt like it.

Well, Happy Memorial Day to all. (wow…that didn’t seem right…happy and memorial? Those two words don’t really go together, right?)

May all of the rest of the world grill lots of meat and consume lots of dairy, sugar, and beer!!!!

Hey! If you get a chance, thank a serviceman or servicewoman for what they do or have done.