2 months 11 days

So what is it like eating next to nothing unhealthy? Pretty honkin’ cool.

So what has changed? A good bit.

First off, I can see my feet whereas before (at 265 lbs) I had to bend over…I mean bend over to see them. I have gone down one half a neck size in the dress shirts from 18″ to 17 1/2″. I have gone from a 43″ waist to nearly 38″. I have gone down from a snug size 42 pant size to a loosening 38″ pants. I only have one more notch on my belts before I have to buy another black and brown belt. My extra large undershirts that used to be tight are hanging off of me. I have now started to see definition in my arms, gut, and chest again. I am beginning to see my lats and I can see my clavicals again. Why? Well, as of June 20th, I’m down 31+ pounds.

Needless to say I am feeling much better. I don’t think I would make great time on a mile, but I could run a solid lap without passing out.

Becoming a fairly strict vegetarian has been an awesome thing.

So the burning question: Have I messed up?
Sure…especially at the beginning. I would grab something that had a little cheese on it or I would snag a snack that had refined sugar. Oops.

These days it is a lot easier. I’ll still treat myself to the massively occasional fry or tater tot, but nothing that is blatantly anti-veggie.

I like the transforming me. I still have a double chin, but it doesn’t look like anything like it did. I guess I have more of a chin and a half.

Well until the next weigh in…