Who Reads This Thing Anyway

So I walked into work today and a coworker of mine said, “Geez! It’s not like you’re busy at all! You should REALLY post something on your blog…I mean, it’s been since December of 2010.”  Of course, it was spoken with sarcasm because said person knows that I do stay busy.  But I was reminded of the blog that I once loved so deeply.  Then FB and Twitter came along and boiled my rants or thoughts or whatever into approximately 140 characters.
So I am hoping to get back to my old self. Just a more improved old self. 

So to answer the question…  Who out there DOES read this blog?


Name your band

Work has been so busy that there has been no time for gallivanting online, using the restroom, taking a lunch, or more importantly getting on myspace.com. So in view of this, the post you are about to read will be a reflection of the work load.

There is this guy I know. We work together @ the University. His name…well, we’ll call him Buck.

So we were chatting briefly between running reports, filing, processing loans, and getting coffee.

If either of us had a band what are some names we could name it. I mean, sure you could call it “your first and last name” band (i.e. The Dave Matthew Band or The Robbie Seay Band). Yeah, because that is creative. But what if you wanted to step away from mainstream. My thought? You could use the names of soap operas or other TV shows and fit your name in somewhere…

For example:

One Buck to Live
As the Buck Turns
General Buck
The Buck and the Restless (or just for fun The Buck and the Restofus)
Buck of our Lives

Or other TV shows that don’t really air much anymore
Melrose Buck
Buck P.I.
The Buck Team
The Incredible Buck
Buck’s Company
Buck’s Angels
N.Y.P.D. Buck

You try it with your name.

Well, you get the idea. I thought it was blog-worthy. Maybe not.