Who Reads This Thing Anyway

So I walked into work today and a coworker of mine said, “Geez! It’s not like you’re busy at all! You should REALLY post something on your blog…I mean, it’s been since December of 2010.”  Of course, it was spoken with sarcasm because said person knows that I do stay busy.  But I was reminded of the blog that I once loved so deeply.  Then FB and Twitter came along and boiled my rants or thoughts or whatever into approximately 140 characters.
So I am hoping to get back to my old self. Just a more improved old self. 

So to answer the question…  Who out there DOES read this blog?


Trying to catch up!!!!!!

Okay. So some really awesome things are in the works. Somethings have already happened. So why haven’t I posted?

Blogger problems.

Seems like I’ve had a few issues trying to post my blog entries.


I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming blog. I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t ill or dead or anything like that.

So for now…enjoy this video. It is a hint of things that I’ll blog about soon.


Some people are brilliant at what they blog about. I’ve read some that obviously write in a way to pull a screen the real issue, but the frustration and disgust is still truthful. Yet, others are just so blatantly honest that they may only have to blog once every quarter.

I seem to feel that I should blog most days because my blog posts are less than stellar. I guess I just haven’t found my niche.

Oh, well. Until the day when either I can be true with myself and my words or angry and frustrated and okay with sharing I’ll just keep blogging.