Who Reads This Thing Anyway

So I walked into work today and a coworker of mine said, “Geez! It’s not like you’re busy at all! You should REALLY post something on your blog…I mean, it’s been since December of 2010.”  Of course, it was spoken with sarcasm because said person knows that I do stay busy.  But I was reminded of the blog that I once loved so deeply.  Then FB and Twitter came along and boiled my rants or thoughts or whatever into approximately 140 characters.
So I am hoping to get back to my old self. Just a more improved old self. 

So to answer the question…  Who out there DOES read this blog?


The Lack of Blogdom

No huge deal. I was so over-busy on Monday that all things stood in my way of blogging. It was much like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Except instead of me, King Arthur, King of the Britains, kicking some Black Knight booty by chopping off limbs, torso, and head, the Black Knight made more like Aniken Skywalker against the Sand people.

Work was so busy on Monday that it made me and my family, literally, sick. The good news is that before I was chained to the bed by my sickness (actually I was chained to a toilet) I managed to get the car to the repair shop for the last installment of repairs (Heaven Hopes). Now that we’re on the other side of that, I can breathe. No, wait?!? I can’t! Here he comes again!!!

Have at you!!!

Monday Blues

What keeps me going today: going home to see Lovely and little Bear
What moves my feet today: nothing. I don’t really even feel like moving, but here I am anyway
I could do without: a seemingly dead car that I owe money on

I was going to post something from the morning. I’m glad that I didn’t. I must have more than 24 hours lapse before taking my meds or something. Who knows?!?! I know that this morning I was even worse than THIS! After my lunch hour of watching funny bloopers on YouTube I fought my way back to the Good Side of the Force. Maybe I was being mind tricked this a.m. Maybe it was just that I hadn’t had enough coffee. Whatever it was it had me by the throat and was chokin’ the life out of me.

I have been trying to get work done all honkin’ day long. I have had accounts that are paid in full that I am trying to get letters mailed. I have had people withdraw from school and have to have their repayment paperwork to them. Then I have had up-and-coming students dropping by to sign for their loans. There have been eight as of right now. Eight people may not seem like a lot, but when it takes about 20 minutes per person, it tends to eat up your day while you are chanting over Terms and Conditions and waiting for them to fill in their John Hancock. I mean, that is, what, two and a half hours. I mean, CRAP!!!! And some people take longer than 20 minutes. Then you have to disburse their financial aid. The little gaps left me with thoroughly detailed work to do. Not good when you have specific steps to take or you’ll mess up everything. So I found myself taking an occasional glance at the following youtube junk.

Please know that this isn’t for the absolute squimsh. I saved the best one for last. At one point I was taken off guard and laughed out loud and spit all over my monitor. Caution: Don’t drink coffee and watch these videos.