A little change will do you good…

I was talking with one of the Villagers last night. He is an older man…not old, just older than me. He has had a painful life. He came to us from the streets. He has an interesting story.

The other night, we were filming a few of the guys as the gave a brief description about where they were before they came to The Village and how they got there. This one guy (we’ll call him CD) was asked about talking on the video. He hung his head and said, “I can’t.” We didn’t pressure him. We just wanted a few guys to tell there stories. Come to find out he had some shame issues with his appearance. One of the leadership guys asked him about it. Then CD said something so innocent. “I can’t do it. I don’t have many teeth. (teary-eyed) I’m so ashamed.” The leader (Sean) talked to him briefly about it and encouraged him.

A few days pass and CD gets a call from Sean. It seems that Sean called some of his dentist friends and clients of his business. Sean told CD, “I set you up an appointment on Friday.”

CD was telling me this and he was weeping last night. I won’t lie. My heartstrings were not getting pulled…they were getting YANKED!!! He said, “I don’t deserve this treatment. A place to live, food to eat, and a chance to get a job. And now teeth…that are being given out of the kindness of the dentist’s heart.” He puts his wrinkled and worn face in his tired and over-worked hands…he breathes deep…he weeps heavily. He feels like he should tell me that he’s is just overwhelmed and happy. I can already see it.

This man’s life has been changed. How? By our being willing to be the hands and feet of God.

Sometimes the most meaningless thing to you is the most wonderful and gracious thing to another man.

May God bless you all.

Very Quick, Very Short Story

I was thinking about this today. It just came to me in a couple of pictures as I was looking at my computer screen…Enjoy.

I met this Holstein cow the other day. She was quite nice. Somehow we got on the subject of “Cold hands, warm heart.” Then she asked if I needed some milk for my StarBuck’s coffee that I was holding. I said…

No, thanks. I’m lactose intolerant.”
(This Very Quick, Very Short Story brought to you by: StarBuck’s Coffee, the Association Holstein Cows of America, and by the letters M, O, and the number Zero.)

A. H. C. A.
We make your world…Creamier!