This weekend was something else…

Work on Friday night as usual..

Work on Saturday and usual…

Saturday night…Shady and I went out to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Sure, it was early by four days, but I knew that it would be impossible for us to go out on Wednesday night (our actual anniversary day). So the plan was simple. Drop little bear off with Nana, go to Patton Creek for some eats and a trip to the Rave to watch the newly added Shrek III. Simple enough, right? Well, the Silver Sloth had other plans.

Lil’ bear gets dropped off with Nana and we head back to the house so I can get cleaned up and not smell like a taco. (That is what I usually smell like when I wait tables @ the Mexican place). We load up in the Sloth and head toward Patton Creek. About 10 minutes into the drive, something sounds like it has just been ripped from the bottom of the car. I do a slight slalom jig to check the tires…Listen really close to try to hear something else. Nothing. Hmmmm??? Then I tap the brakes….THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SOUNDS LIKE THE WHOLE FRONT END IS GOING TO FALL OFF ONTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!! but it’s only when I brake.

We make it to the nearest off-ramp and exit. I check it out and it is the caliper. One of the bolts came out and the caliper is smacking against the rim any time that the brake is engaged. (By the way, if you take your car to TirePros in Irondale, don’t let any mechanic named Jeff even look at your car!!!!! He doesn’t know what he’s doing!!!!) So, we had to get back on the interstate and limp to the next exit that has an auto parts store. Instead of using my normal brakes, I just held the emergency brake lever so it wouldn’t stick and I just rode the emergency brakes to stop. Dangerous? I know, but it was better than using the brakes and then the caliper coming off while pulling the brake lines loose and not being able to stop at all.

Long story short…we got to the auto parts store and I had it fixed in about $20 and 30 minutes.

By this time, it is about 7:25 and our movie starts @ 8:20 and we are about 20+ minutes away from the theater. And this was the opening weekend for the movie so we had to get there early to make sure we get a seat! There was no time to eat a meal, so we decided to head on to the theater, grab some popcorn to tide us over and watch the movie. Then we’d grab some food afterwards.

Well, the movie was great. We got there and got the best seats in the house. I would recommend seeing Shrek the Third. It’s really funny and has more twists in the plot.

We finally got out of the movie @ about 10ish and we couldn’t find a “nice” place that wasn’t closing down for the night. So…we are pushing the anniversary dinner off to this upcoming weekend…Memorial Day Weekend.

I don’t yet know where we are going to go. It’ll be a nice place though. Probably not as “nice” as J. Alex or Ruth’s Chris, but it’ll be a nicer place than just a normal dinner.

I can’t wait. Shady and I had so much fun on Saturday night. We needed it given the past months. She is more beautiful today than when we met. I love her heart. =)

My my how we grow…

Okay, so last week I get this call from Shady while I was @ work. “Hey!!! Hey!!! Hey!!!!! Little bear is sitting up by herself. She can actually go from laying on her belly to her side to sitting up straight!!!” I missed it that day, but I got to see it a lot over the weekend and last night.

So, Monday, I walk in little bear’s room because I can hear she is awake and it is probably going to be the only time I can see her…”What are you doin’ chicken little?” She smiles while holding onto the bedrail. She has pulled herself up and is standing. I showered her with hugs and kisses…and then changed out that stinky…wooh.

I saw her for about 5 minutes this morning…

It is official…(of course, it has been before now, but…) I am addicted to my family. I have to quit these 10 other jobs. I just can’t miss them anymore.

More answers…more questions…

It’s like a cycle-type thing, ya know?

Yep, there was another answer that come in this weekend. I won’t discuss it here due to the fact that we are keeping it under our hats, but let’s just say there are more questions now than before.


Well, only God knows what things will look like in a couple of months. He is in charge anyway.

I am asking the same questions…

Someone, a wise someone, once told me that I typically think in seasons. I make my big decisions around the same time each year. (Usually the fall.) It has been about three years since that conversation took place. However, I am asking myself the same questions. I know that I went to college for a degree. Music Theory and Composition. So do I use my $100,000+ degree? Not really. I mean every once and a while I’ll teach a guitar lesson or play @ church, but there has got to be more than this.

I know why I went for the degree. Music. Worship. All out surrender to God put to music…yet I don’t write much music at all. At present I have about 40+ song fragments in my head…no words just yet.

So do I press forward, cut the restaurant loose, keep the day gig and start playing a couple of nights each week? Or do I just try to find another job, one job, that makes money for me and ultimately my family, to be miserable?

Within 12 hours, I was asked about leading a choir of ladies whom are transitioning from prison back to society and asked by another about teaching guitar at thier church’s performing arts facility.

I just don’t know. I mean, do we get tied down here in Birmingham. Do Shady and I move? Well, it’s less of if and more of where do we move. How far away will we move?

What will I be doing for income once we move? I know that I can’t keep working these frantic hours. I’m wearing down really quickly.

There are a lot of questions that I have. A lot of questions. I just have to look to God for scriptural guidance for these decisions.

We’ll see with time…I guess.

"Sweet childish days, that were as long, As twenty days are now."

Quote from William Wordsworth

“T-t-t-time keeps tickin‘–tickin‘–tickin‘”

I heard that song the other day. You know, you can work 40 hours per week and be busy. You can work 60 hours per week and be maniacally busy. You can work 75+ hours per week and be chaotically busy. Still, time keeps tickin‘ on by you.

Shady and I started dating on November 29, 2002. Our first date was on a Friday night. We went to Silvertron’s cafe and then I played a coffee house gig at La Reunion downtown. After that we just drove around the city talking. I dropped her off back at her car at about 4 a.m. She had to drive back home (about 20 minutes away) and I was house sitting for a couple that lived about 10 minutes away. Next thing you know, we blinked and we were married only 6 months later on May 23 2003.

Next thing you know, blink blink blink and we’re preggers with little bear in January of 2005. Now it’s May of 2007. Four years married, almost 7 months into fatherhood.


But it doesn’t. I mean, sure, maybe sometimes you’ll roll over a finger or you hit a bump and you bruise your tailbone, but it holds together, right?

I’ve done a lot of looking back at my past. Both achievements and pitfalls. With hindsight being 20/20 I can see that at the time I knew the pitfalls were there, but I ignored the signs. The achievements? Man, I could have done better.

But with that said, if changing those situations would have moved me away from Shady and little bear…I accept those pitfalls…and I’m glad that I only achieved what I achieved.

Shady…You are the most beautiful to me. When I go to work my heart is sad because it has to be away from you. So, I’ll leave my heart with you. I trust you. You are safe. I leave it behind so that I don’t have to be sad. I can’t even begin to tell you just how in love I am with you. You have made this life so much more than tolerable. You make this life smiley. thanks for hanging in there with me when I am a pure ass. Thanks for loving me from a distance while I work to make ends meet. Just know that God is bigger than this and a time is coming soon when we won’t have to worry about 75+ hours each week that I’m gone. I will be home with you…my heart…my love…my world.

Little Bear…You are growing by leaps and bounds. I hear your words. I understand your smiles when I am home. I know that when I’m at work that you crawl around the house looking for me all day. Thank you for seeking me out and wanting a relationship with your Popi. I’ll be home soon. Oh, and your welcome. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to get your Exersaucer together. You are a beautiful treasure. All I want to do is scoop you up and just hug you and kiss your face until the world stops spinning. You and mommy both help to bring meaning to this craziness and the silly schedule.

I love you two. I’m gonna go work some more so I can come home and change Bear’s daippy and kiss on that Shady.


Okay. So I took the comment section off of the ole Blogspot.

I’m sure that I will catch some flack for doing so, but there aren’t that many people that see me on a regular basis that read this…at least that I know of.

So if you have my e-mail address and you want to send me a remark…feel free.

If you don’t, well…sorry.

I’m not pulling a UAB about the VT tradgedy. It isn’t because I don’t care what you have to say. I simply just took the comments off of my blog.

It truly is that simple. Please keep reading. I’ll try to make sure it stays interesting.

Peace out!!!

Missed out a day or two…

So I have missed out a day or two of blogging. Nothing as bad as my brother‘s blog, but for me…I have missed out.

Why? Well, work has been busy. I missed a couple of days last week with the car being stupid and breaking. And of course I was uncomputered during the weekend. And as earlier stated, work has been keeping me…well…working. (that is not normal!)

So here is an update from the passed 5+ days or so. Some of it good, some sad.

Okay so here goes.

#1 The car is not fixed. It still wobbles when you drive it. The positive…you get a fully body massage as you drive.

#2 Not including our situation, since Thursday of last week, two more couples that we are close to have had a miscarriage. We are praying for them. Please join in. There names will not be released.

#3 Shady and little bear went out of town with Nana to Smith Lake for a relaxing weekend. I stayed home. This was good only in that I got a lot done around the house. See #5.

#4 I asked off for Cinco de Mayo. Yep. Friday night through Sunday late…I bached it. (Not Bach the composer, but bach like bachelor.)

#5 I cleaned, rearranged, and decorated the house this weekend. (I couldn’t sleep since Shady and bear weren’t there. So I made the best use of my time.)

#6 I had Aunt Mikalou and the Glassblower over to the house Saturday night for dinner and practice. Mikalou and I were supposed to kick off a revival last night (monday). We all had a great time. And yes, I cooked. It was awesome. I wish we were having tonight what I made Saturday night.

#7 I was on my way to the church-house and got a call from the Bishop that I was needed last minute to lead the worship at church. That went well.

#8 I ran into my grandparents eating at a Mexican restaurant after church. We ate. We talked. Then I had to get going so I could fix the bathroom sink faucet before going to the LLH to lead more worship.

#9 Put a few finishing touches on the new MANROOM downstairs. Yep! I gotta MANROOM!

#10 Shady and little bear got home about 9:30 p.m. Sleep commenced.

Other than that, I put in for a transfer within the University. Why? Cause the department where I work doesn’t pay all that well. (Hence, the reason I have three jobs.) I am up for two positions. I figured if they both wanted me then they could fight over me and I would get the better paying job. We’ll see.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

I’ll keep you tuned in.

Car update

Car Update

So I limped away from the mechanic’s shop $600.00 biten out of my hind-quarters. I earlier in the week I had gone to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and answered all of their 100 questions to receive my brake pads. Well, all of that to find out on Wednesday that not only did they give me the wrong pads, but they messed up my rotors. So here is a list of the repairs….

Two new Bridgestone tires – middle level quality $180 total
Two new rotors – $240 total
Brake pads – $80
Labor – the rest of the money

The verdict…it still drives about as bad as it did when I took it in to the shop.

I told the mechanic that the car needed to be aligned. He disagreed. I pointed out the tires and the wear on them. “That shows that the car is out of alignment!!!” “It’s your breaks…and your rotors…Oh, and you’ll need to replace your two front tires. They seem to be wearing unevenly.”

Thanks, Jeff. I hope that you enjoy being ASE certified. I’d strip you of your silly piece of paper.

As a result, though, I have given the car a new name. The silver Taurus shall from now on be know as…….(drum roll, please)…………………………………….

The Silver Sloth!!!

Restaurant Idea!!!

So a couple of months back before Little Bear was born Shady and I were driving down the road and got on this creative kick.

Our idea…The Fairy Tale Diner!!! It is based on fairy tale characters…

Oh, just wait til you hear are just a few of the things on the menu. We laughed soooo hard at some of this stuff.

Yeti Spaghetti
Sasquash Casserole
UniCorn on the Cob
Vampirnini (a Panini sandwich)
Monster Mash Potatoes
Ogre Fried Okra

and for dessert…The Abominable Snow-Cone

There’s more, but for those that read this blog…Tell me what you think so far.

Results of the meds

So I went Tuesday back to the doc for a check in, giving a vile of blood, and an emotion weigh-in. And the results….I am still depressed but much less than I had been, I still have viens to give blood (so they stuck me) and the vitals…blood pressure is down to nearly normal and the best part…I’m down 16 lbs. That’s right…I’ve lost 16 pounds. Of course this has nothing to do with the meds and everything to do with how Shady and I have changed our eating habits.

So have we changed? What are we doing differently?

Well, I’ll be breif with this.

NO BREAD WITH YEAST (pita is okay)


Oh, also no coffee, no sodas, no fruit juices with sugar…just water, freshly squeezed or juiced juice, and soy milk.

Laugh all ya want, but the proof is in the…well…it’s in the pudge, or lack thereof.