Thoughts on life and death

These are just initial thoughts, mind you…

I heard the other evening that a beloved radio personality (Rick Burgess of Rick & Bubba Inc.) lost the life of his two-year old son over the weekend. On hearing this news, I was really taken back. I was in shock for a while. You know, you hear of people going through stuff like this everyday…My grandma passed away, my father passed away, but it just so terribly heartbreaking when a child passes away. I mean, they didn’t even really get to live life. They will never know love within a marriage. They will never get the thrill of watching their children being born. They will never know the experience of a high school or college graduation. Of course, as one of the radio guys said this morning, “…they will never know the pain of heartbreak in a relationship. They will never know the pain of burying a parent. They will never know the pain of being teased at school…” While these things are true…the Burgess family also talked to their son Bronner about Jesus on a consistant basis. He knew about Jesus and the love that He offers. The Burgess family is sure that Bronner is in heaven with Jesus right now.

So, thoughts…Life is a battlefield. Just like Joseph went through hardship and rejection from his brothers, he allowed God to turn every situation into a chance to bring glory to God, the Creator. God has equipped us with everything we need to make it through life. He gives us strength and authority through the Holy Spirit and through the blood of Christ. He gives us the truth we can call on for encouragement and a weapon against the enemy. God gives us maturity through all of these situations. And when you feel like you are lacking all you have to do is ask. (Matt 7, James 1)

Death of the human body…to the family and friends absolutely is heart-wrenching. In Christ, death of the human body is beginning of worship and adoration in heaven…free from affliction and disease and pain.

So while there is hurt and pain on earth…try to rejoice in the fact that if your loved one called upon the name of God and was saved by the grace of God through the blood of Christ then he/she worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…right now!!! Just like our second baby is…

New Weekendings

Sorry to steal this away for the good Citizen. It’s only once.

What I hate today: death
What I love today: a great teaching from my pastor

There are things that have been going through my brain this weekend. I grabbed a quick glance of the news on Sunday a.m. As the news mentions, Tammy Faye Messner (formerly Bakker) has passed away due to inoperable cancer. My heart sank for a moment despite the sin that sank PTL, the empire built by the Bakker family. She was for some, an icon, and yet still for some a source of unending jokes about make-up and weeping a mascara flood. Regardless of the scandal and personal and political problems she maintained that her faith in God and that upon her death God would “take her straight to Heaven.” While saddened, I had a moment of silence and continued preparing for Sunday morning service.

Upon arriving at work today, I am informed that our payroll manager suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Sunday. While I didn’t know her, I was saddened by the fact that she died alone. She had never married and had no children. Within 15 minutes of the announcement, my boss received a phone call that her husband’s aunt passed during the night.

I know that it doesn’t usually sit well when you tell someone that “Well, God is in control” or “at least they are suffering.” I know it didn’t when our second child died. But after Pastor Andy’s teaching on God’s Sovreignty, I am finding that it is comforting. I know that after I left church on Sunday that I really thought about our baby that died. And came to a realization of peace over the whole situation. I mean, I still miss my baby, but I know that God was in control of the whole situation. He numbered our days before time began, well before we were “knit together in [our] mothers’ wombs.” He knew that Tammy Faye and my coworker would die this weekend. He knew that their families would grieve. He knows that only he can heal the wounds.

I thank God that one of His characteristics is of the comforter.

Father, may You come and comfort those with heavy hearts. God fill the void in the family’s lives with You and your purpose for them. Amen.