Life is a school room…

I seem to learn more about myself the more I am around the people that I help each day. A lot of days go by that are very difficult. Different situations, different people…Personality and character conflicts, and more. Each offers its own challenge. In the previous months I just got frustrated and blow up at the issue and even at the mention of the issue. I am trying to take a different approach (key word being: trying) to the day-to-day issues that life throws at me.

My lovely wife and I were talking the other day about my work. I had gotten fired up about something that was going on (or wrong), and after a bit of rambling on about being upset I just told her that I was going to shut up and spare her the details of my frustration. Not because she didn’t care or didn’t want to hear it, but because it wasn’t edifying to her nor to the individual and issue that I was discussing. There was a long silence (about 10 minutes)…nothing. Not a noise or phone or anything. Then, my lovely spoke these gentle words (and I do, very truly, mean gentle)…”Sweetheart, I love you…no matter what. You are a great husband and wonderful dad. Your character is stronger than this. Here, read this…” Then she handed me a book and I went off to read it for a few minutes.

She was SO right. Now, instead of blowing up at a situation or issue or whatever, I wait. Sure I still get frustrated and I want to blow my top, BUT I just try to wait until the issue has come to a close (I usually facilitate some quick closure) and spend some time going through what made me so frustrated. What caused the issue? Why did I react that way? What pushed me to be frustrated? or What made me more patient with this person and not that person?

This has seemed to make a little more difference in how I am dealing with my family and also with my work. I find myself getting less angry…less often. Which is good all the way around.

So when life is throwing you a fastball of angriness. Just wait, be patient, and consider your heart in all of it. Is God really proud of the way that you handled these issues? Does your attitude and your heart reflect true Christlikeness?

I hope so. I pray you don’t have to learn this. I hope that you already know how to deal with all of life so that you don’t have to go through this. BUT if you do, just know that you are not all alone. There is at least one other person that is going through the same exact thing.

Daffodils, rodeos, and life looking through a fence

Well, I only mention daffodils because they are pretty. They are a nice flower and make me go back to my childhood whenever I see one. Going back to your “happy place” is a great thing when things are flying at you at the speed of food poisoning.

I’ve had to remember my happy place several times this week, but mostly the weekend. I don’t think I can go too much into the details here, but I will say this…

We are one less rider in the rodeo…and one less rodeo for a ride!

So how does that tie into the life looking through a fence??? When you take something that isn’t yours but belongs to Uncle Sam, that is the view you will have from now on.

Peace, love, and The Club for cars…

Catching up…

So it has been a good long while since I really blogged here. It has been crazy, off the chain, kind of crazy.

Anyway (drama). Life is going at an incredible rate!!!! Little Bear is growing up like a honkin’ weed. Lovely is more lovely today than even yesterday. I am about 70 days into growing my beard-rat back. As you or may not have read, the Uber-Gnome family is expecting another Gnome-let. Yup. That’s right. Late October or early November is the proposed time of arrival for said gnome-let.

We are thrilled and excited that God would bless us like this. It is amazing, childbirth is. We will, but we can’t wait…

In other new, I’ve added one more gnome-year to my age. That makes me 360 gnome years old now. (That’s 30 human years.) I am beginning to “play some trombone” when I read, but I think it is funny. I used to (and still do) make fun of my dad for having to adjust his arm in order to read.

Other than that??? It looks like another round of guitar classes are about to begin at SU. Even though I will be vacating the day job with them I will still be teaching guitar at night.

Life really is exciting right now. Unpredictable, but exciting.

Thoughts on life and death

These are just initial thoughts, mind you…

I heard the other evening that a beloved radio personality (Rick Burgess of Rick & Bubba Inc.) lost the life of his two-year old son over the weekend. On hearing this news, I was really taken back. I was in shock for a while. You know, you hear of people going through stuff like this everyday…My grandma passed away, my father passed away, but it just so terribly heartbreaking when a child passes away. I mean, they didn’t even really get to live life. They will never know love within a marriage. They will never get the thrill of watching their children being born. They will never know the experience of a high school or college graduation. Of course, as one of the radio guys said this morning, “…they will never know the pain of heartbreak in a relationship. They will never know the pain of burying a parent. They will never know the pain of being teased at school…” While these things are true…the Burgess family also talked to their son Bronner about Jesus on a consistant basis. He knew about Jesus and the love that He offers. The Burgess family is sure that Bronner is in heaven with Jesus right now.

So, thoughts…Life is a battlefield. Just like Joseph went through hardship and rejection from his brothers, he allowed God to turn every situation into a chance to bring glory to God, the Creator. God has equipped us with everything we need to make it through life. He gives us strength and authority through the Holy Spirit and through the blood of Christ. He gives us the truth we can call on for encouragement and a weapon against the enemy. God gives us maturity through all of these situations. And when you feel like you are lacking all you have to do is ask. (Matt 7, James 1)

Death of the human body…to the family and friends absolutely is heart-wrenching. In Christ, death of the human body is beginning of worship and adoration in heaven…free from affliction and disease and pain.

So while there is hurt and pain on earth…try to rejoice in the fact that if your loved one called upon the name of God and was saved by the grace of God through the blood of Christ then he/she worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…right now!!! Just like our second baby is…