Catching up…

So it has been a good long while since I really blogged here. It has been crazy, off the chain, kind of crazy.

Anyway (drama). Life is going at an incredible rate!!!! Little Bear is growing up like a honkin’ weed. Lovely is more lovely today than even yesterday. I am about 70 days into growing my beard-rat back. As you or may not have read, the Uber-Gnome family is expecting another Gnome-let. Yup. That’s right. Late October or early November is the proposed time of arrival for said gnome-let.

We are thrilled and excited that God would bless us like this. It is amazing, childbirth is. We will, but we can’t wait…

In other new, I’ve added one more gnome-year to my age. That makes me 360 gnome years old now. (That’s 30 human years.) I am beginning to “play some trombone” when I read, but I think it is funny. I used to (and still do) make fun of my dad for having to adjust his arm in order to read.

Other than that??? It looks like another round of guitar classes are about to begin at SU. Even though I will be vacating the day job with them I will still be teaching guitar at night.

Life really is exciting right now. Unpredictable, but exciting.