I have been neglecting the blog-a-loo here. I have started a new weight-loss blog at so you can go and check it out. It is just my journey through losing weight and getting healthy again. By the way, that journey has just recently begun so there isn’t as much there.

-As for an update, the beard growing is going well. As of today, I am on Day 96 and am looking QUITE bushy.

-Lovely and I are approaching week 28 of our pregnancy with our fourth little’en and yes, we are excited about it.

-The Village is still rocking and rolling (not crack rocking and weed rolling) along. We opened up the Downtown Church as a facility to house more guys. We now float between 45 – 50 guys. All the guys need help with getting their life back on track. While some are further along in the process, they all…strike that, WE all need help and a whole ton of Jesus.

Between a new life coming and getting healthy so I can hopefully see more days…life is grand. Not without drama, but it is grand. Besides, God is still God whether I am 800 lbs without kids too. Without God, I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for your love and sacrifice of sending Your Son to us.

-2 and less meds

So I just got back from the psycho doc a little bit ago. Well, they aren’t psycho. They give you meds if you are psycho or depressed or whatever else. Anyway. I hopped up on the scales and in two weeks, I’m down another two pounds. (I saw 232 lbs!) That means I’m only 3 pounds away from the 220’s. Woo hoo!!!

The bad side of the visit comes in that I have been placed on the placebo med. They gave me that part two weeks ago. I have dwindled a good bit in just two weeks…not good!!!! I told them that if they plan on keeping me on the placebo (the un-meds) that they will need get paperwork ready for my to discontinue the study.

They told me to try two more weeks on the un-meds and if I don’t get better then they’ll take me off the study and get a prescription for me.

Now that I’ve seen the difference of what I was before the study and now…I like the medicated me. I’m less volatile and much more fun to be around these days. So med me up!!!

Results of the meds

So I went Tuesday back to the doc for a check in, giving a vile of blood, and an emotion weigh-in. And the results….I am still depressed but much less than I had been, I still have viens to give blood (so they stuck me) and the vitals…blood pressure is down to nearly normal and the best part…I’m down 16 lbs. That’s right…I’ve lost 16 pounds. Of course this has nothing to do with the meds and everything to do with how Shady and I have changed our eating habits.

So have we changed? What are we doing differently?

Well, I’ll be breif with this.

NO BREAD WITH YEAST (pita is okay)


Oh, also no coffee, no sodas, no fruit juices with sugar…just water, freshly squeezed or juiced juice, and soy milk.

Laugh all ya want, but the proof is in the…well…it’s in the pudge, or lack thereof.